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RENTAL - Hot Dog Machine Roller

RENTAL - Hot Dog Machine Roller

*Hot dogs and buns and condiments not included*


  • 🌭Commercial Grade Machine: 110v. The power of the machine is 1200w. The 7 stainless steel drums of the hot dog roller machine can bake more than 18 hot dogs at a time. It can be rotated 360° from122℉ to 482℉ heat the hot dog evenly. Smokeless grilling, the speed is 7r-11/ min, this slow roller is perfect for grilling all kinds of hot dogs, sausages, and more, perfect for shops, stalls, and at home.
  • 🌭Dual Temperature Control: After the power switch, independent temperature control of the front and rear rollers, dual temperature control allows continuous cooking on the front and rear rollers, shortening the meal time.
  • 🌭Perfect Showing:The machine is equipped with LED lights, which can show the food well to customers no matter in the day or night, making the food look more colorful and delicious. The detachable tempered glass protection cover can show the food clearly.
  • 🌭High-quality Material: 0.6mm thick stainless steel body, the mirror inner layer reduces heat loss, the aluminum-clad material is resistant to high temperature and high pressure, and the aluminum alloy outer layer prevents the machine from scratching.
  • 🌭Easy to clean: The extra glass cover as well as the dust cover can prevent dust from entering, and the removable grease drip tray will not leave any debris and is easy to clean.
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